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Trio Lash Soft Cream Remover 15ml

The eyelash extension glue remover helps dissolves all the adhesive within 10 minutes and extensions glide right off your natural lashes without harming or damaging them. The cream formula stays on lashes and works its magic without leaking down into the eyes.

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Caution:  For professional use only.  Do not try it yourself at home. Triolash is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of product. Product only be used on clients who could close their eye completely during the removal processing. Keep away from heat, children and pets


  • Apply a small amount of eyelash adhesive cream remover onto 2 micro swabs.
  • Place one micro swab underneath the lashes, and one on top of the lashes.  Gently coat all extensions. Let it sit for 10 minutes The lash extensions will start to slide off naturally.
  • Use warm water and towel to wipe away excess eyelash extension glue remover. Wash throughly with lash shampoo and rinse off with water.  Recommend client wash eyes thoroughly in the bathroom again to get off all remaining remover and cleanse the eyelashes before checking out.

1 review for “SOFT CREAM” REMOVER 15ML

  1. Deanna Ngo

    Must buy cream remover, this stuff is golden! Lashes come off super quick with no left over residue

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